Gelo + Cham’s Wedding

ByDominic Barrios | Weddings

Venue: Oasis Garden

A few days before Gelo and Cham’s Wedding, we had their prenup at the Imagine Nation Studio. So after that prenup, both of them were more than comfortable posing in front of the camera.

Imagine the call time for this wedding… 3AM at Oasis. That was the earliest call time for me so far. Just had a 1 hour of sleep and off I go for the shoot. I think Gelo and Cham didn’t have a decent sleep as well. but they do have the energy for the whole day.

It was a blessed day for us because God gave us such a great weather that day and no rain poured fortunately since this was a Garden Wedding.

At Gelo’s room, I saw this cake and was wondering why were they all stacked up in a plastic. Won’t it be spoiled if its stacked up like that. When I checked closer, it was a Cake Towel arranged by a friend of the couple. What a teaser… =P

At the Oasis Garden

During the reception, I caught something really unexpected. A kid was walking sneakily to the wine and when I caught her doing that, she was stunned hahaha… I didn’t report her to the authorities. =P

It was a great great day for all of us. We just had a short program during the reception and after that, we had our in betweens and we were blessed with great shoots. =)

To Gelo and Cham, hope you guys are doing great at your new mission. God Bless always and Hope to See You!