King and Kay’s Wedding: When God writes your Love Story

ByDominic Barrios | Weddings

Photo: Dominic Barrios Photography

Hotel: Hotel Celeste
Church: Mt. Carmel Shrine
Reception: Oasis
HMUA: Arthur Cruz Fetalvero (Work of Art)
Gown: Jo Rubio Couture
Rings and Jewelries: Goldenhills Jewellery
Video: Red Aisle Films
Coordinators: Faithful Events
Catering: Josiah’s Catering
JAV Lights and Sounds
29 AD Musicionnaries
Video streaming (CFC Events)

After a long break from blogging, I had to jumpstart myself again to bring back the habit. I know there are tons of stories of life’s blessings to share however balancing family life, fatherhood, ministry and photography proved to be quite challenging. So just to stir things up and gather some inspiration, I’m starting with some eye-candies and more treasured moments.

I met both King and Kay from Singles for Christ. Both of them are faithful servants of God and leaders. Heart of a missionary. So when I saw that King proposed to Kay (FLYING TO AUSTRALIA), I knew this was going to be a very beautiful story to capture and share.

I loved everything about their wedding and while it was first time to work with some of their suppliers, I saw how passionate some of these people were. *wink* *wink*. But that’s only understandable and is expected. Wedding suppliers are here to help make clients make their dream wedding come into life. I also loved that most of their wedding guests were from the community. It just proves how much time they spent on building relationships not only with God but with their fellow community members.

Thank you King and Kay for the trust you have given me.. I am truly honoured to have witnessed and captured your beautiful wedding.

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