Shamcey’s Maternity Shoot

ByDominic Barrios | Featured Posts

Five years ago, she represented the country for Miss Universe. Three years ago, she found the best guy in the universe and married him. This time around, her universe will be revolving around their God’s little blessing and Shamcey will be facing a whole new world of challenges as a “Mother”. Lloyd and Shamcey will be seeing their little baby really soon and they’re all anticipating with joy.

During the Miss Universe 2015 finals where Pia Wurtzback won the crown for our country, it was very timely that we also had this maternity session for Shamcey. We had a small chat about the very controversial pageant and then headed off to prepare for the shoot.

So here are some of the photos from that shoot and it is just fitting to share these photos to open the year 2016.

I really enjoy shooting maternity shoots, these soon-to-be-mothers have this certain glow on their faces always.
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