Gelo + Cham’s Prenup

ByDominic Barrios | Prenups

Venue: Imagine Nation Studio

When I met Gelo and Cham at the studio, I thought they really looked good together. They looked fun and jolly people. It turns out that both of them are missionaries from their church. What a great love story.

So here’s out warm-up pictures from that day and we just had fun the whole time.

Here’s a trivia, when a man have disagreements with a woman, who usually wins?

Uhmmm, in Gelo and Cham’s case, we know the answer… =P

We just had to make that korean pose though they are Chinese. =P

For the following pictures, notice the way how they looked at each other…

They looked at each other with so much joy and happiness! You just know that they’re still very much inlove and their eyes are really talking with each other. Well, that’s what I saw when we were doing their prenup. So I feel really blessed that I met Gelo and Cham, and to be able to know their story, witness their wedding and shoot them.

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