JR + Rhia’s Prenup @ Villamor

ByDominic Barrios | Prenups

Hair and Make-up by Aaron Lejarde of The Make Up Studio

Venue: Villamor Airbase and Imagine Nation Studio

I’ll let you guess where JR & Rhia works for. These two looked very prim and proper here but they’re as wacky as they can get. JR & Rhia thought of using their uniforms with matching boxes for props for their prenup. Good thing they’re really up for any crazy stuffs we can think of.

Like any other person, these two could surprise you of what they can do in front of the camera.

Helicopter Love…. Getting ready for the shoot.

Like I said, JR & Rhia surprised me with this one. I think JR hit Rhia here for real……nah j/k…

These two are really meant for each other. Both of them are crazy funny together and they just click. I liked how Rhia looks at JR. Love is in the air. Woot.

They can make each other laugh anytime with their funny faces.

And at the same time, you really feel that they love each other when you give them a moment for themselves.

The weather wasn’t as cooperative that day but God was just so Great for holding up the rain, enough time for us to go around the area and have our shoot. It was a fun, fun day especially with these two cracking around mixed up with Aaron’s crazy crazy stories. I just couldn’t stop laughing hehe.

To JR and Rhia, I know you guys are wed already and having the best time of your life so Congratulations and Best Wishes. May God Bless you Always!

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