Bobby + Marga’s Wedding Onsite Photo

ByDominic Barrios | Videos

Preps: Crowne Plaza

Church: Christ the King

Reception: Crowne Plaza

Pictures taken by Dominic Barrios and Tiqui Del Rosario for Imagine Nation Photography

Hair and Make-up by Jesi Mendez

Bobby + Marga 12.30.08 from Dominic Barrios on Vimeo.

There’s always a story behind every wedding where God shows his power. And this was no exception. To sum it all up, we had a great time shooting Bobby and Marga and I was surprised to see myself finishing their onsite photo slideshow ahead of time. When I was handing out my laptop to the technical booth, they immediately said, they have no VGA cable for my laptop and they only have a DVD player. I was in panic mode because the father was already giving speeches. They suggested to have the slideshow burned but i knew it would take 18 minutes at most so without hesitation I asked for one of their blank DVD’s and exported my slideshow. Bobby and Marga were already giving speeches by this time and I was waiting 8 more minutes to go. To cut it short, the DVD’s didn’t burn, as I feared, so I asked God to please make this happen and that this slideshow would be for His glory and not mine. Minutes later, the coordinator were able to make the host stretch enough time for the in-house technician of Crowne Plaza bring out a cable connection for our laptop. A few minutes later, the technician arrived and fixed everything. The audio was working perfectly and the slideshow was up on the gigantous screen.Truly, God makes beautiful weddings.

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