Starting the Year Right…

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Year 2008 is over and a lot has happened during that year. It is just right to honor the people who has made an impact in my life. First of all, to my parents who has fully supported my decision to turn PRO as a wedding photographer. Thank You because we’re not arguing about practicing my license in ECE. I Thank my parents for always being there when I need them. I love you very much. I pray that we’ll spend more years together and that God will always give you great health.

To my SFC Community, you, my friends, are my reminders and models on how to serve other people first rather than thinking of ourselves. May we continue to grow in love with God together and bring other people to Him.

To Sir Jong and Ms Monique, who I consider my second parents. For looking out after us, physically, spiritually and even careerwise. =) You don’t know how much I really appreciate the bible studies and the fellowship we do when we meet or talk. You guys have helped me grow closer to God and gave me the discipline to read the scriptures daily. And, of course, the mentorship program. I can’t thank you enough for all the things I’ve learned from you and the experience I’ve gained throughout.

To my Co-photographers, don’t need to name all of you guys…ang dami niyo…Shooting with you guys was always fun. It doesn’t feel like work so I’m looking forward to every day that God gives me an opportunity to have you by my side. Plus, I’ve learned a lot by just watching you guys and asking you about getting the right settings and stuff on the spot.

To our Admin Staffs, (Ate Mot, Ate Onnie, Tata)… you guys are the best and though di tayo nagkikita sa field, know that what you do inside the studio are very well appreciated. You guys are like our “Eyes”, kung wala kayo, Wala “Kita”. =P jk..

To our Assists and Drivers, work is easier with you guys around. If God makes beautiful weddings, you are one of the tools that help us capture those moments. And that is a very important role you guys are playing.

To our Wangers, the possibilities are limitless with the potential I see in you guys. Just the right drive and focus, nothing is impossible. I always look forward to seeing your On Site Editing.

To all our past clients, couples we shot, you know who you are… I cherish more the friendship we formed rather than the shots we took for you.. I really hope you guys will all be blessed in your relationships and that you will all still keep in contact.

To God’s greatest gift to me. I Thank You for all the love and care you’ve given to me, the support and prayers as well. You will always be one of my inspirations when I shoot weddings. I treasure every moment that we are together and all the times that make us laugh or cry. I love you Marie.

Lastly, To Our Mighty Father, my source of inspiration, Thank you for all the grace and blessings you’ve showered me last year. I offer once more this year 2009 to you and lift up all my wishes and plans. I know you have better things in store for me and I trust that it will be given in your own time. Im excited with the ones you have lined up for me already, Kota Kinabalu and another Boracay shoot. You really are One Great God.

PS. I love you too OASIS.

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