Patrick + Colynn’s Wedding

ByDominic Barrios | Weddings

Venue: Diamond Hotel

Shot with Gracielle Hernandez for Imagine Nation Photography

It was a very blessed day that day when I walked in to Colynn’s room. Everyone was being made up and Colynn was busy typing the program from her laptop. She greeted us with a big smile as well as the other people in the room.

I learned that day that Colynn was a former beauty queen. No wonder. She’s got the height, the looks and the brains.

The best thing about Colynn was her smiles won’t fade away. Though this was already her 2nd wedding, she’s still as nervous and excited as before.

Colynn and her lovely sisters.

The Maids of Honor playing around. They really love the camera.

During the preps, God gave us a cool sunset view from the window and so it was a sign to do the family portraits already. God’s so good.

What I love about that day was we had lots of time to do our portraits and Colynn was up for anything I asked her to do.

Even her sisters and friends joined in. Woohoo..

That’s Patrick. He’s one tough guy on the outside but soft in the inside. You can see how he is deeply inlove with Colynn by looking at his actions. And I dont think any man would still cry on his 2nd wedding.

Everyone wanted to see that long kiss.

Did I say long..??? Yeah…

Patrick and Colynn, it was one great great wedding. Glad to be part of your celebration. God Bless.