Jeselyn turns 18 pictorial…

ByDominic Barrios | Debut

Venue: Imagine Nation Studio and Oasis Garden

Shot with Tin Espinosa for Imagine Nation Photography

The first thing I noticed about Jeselyn was that she’s a sweet young lady who is very close with her mom. And they can joke around each other and yet feel that the respect was always there.

To help Jeselyn release all the tension, I prepared a lot of slumbook questions for her. And here are some things I learned about her:

1. She likes butterflies a lot

2. She’s a very jolly person

3. She was chubby when she was a child

4. She studies at Ateneo

5. She has a great smile

Here are some of the shots that I got from our pictorial.

Well, it rained that day so we couldn’t play around the area so much but we did manage to get some great shots. A Big Thanks to Our God! =)