Cedric + Rochelle’s Wedding

ByDominic Barrios | Weddings

Preps: Sofitel

Church: San Sebastian

Reception: Jumbo Palace

Shot with Jason DeG and Jamie Lihan for Imagine Nation

No one was as hyped as Rochelle when we went to her room and saw her fixing up. She was all smiles and no trace of nervousness or whatsoever.

Even Rochelle’s mom was all smiles and giggling the whole time.

Cedric, on the other hand, looked really contemplative and reserved. Hmmm I wonder why…

After the ceremony, Cedric looked more relaxed and back to his real self. He was teasing around Rochelle the whole time and fooling with her.

To Cedric and Rochelle, Congratulations and Best wishes to you guys… Enjoyed shooting your wedding and your family. They all love having their pictures taken SOoo much… haha..