Maraiye Francine turns 1

ByDominic Barrios | Birthdays

Venue: North Greenhills Clubhouse

Maraiye Francine is the youngest daughter of our lovely secretary, Ate Mot. We arrived at the venue earlier and everybody, including the party suppliers, were setting up the balloons, decors and booths. From what I saw that day, that party was going to be BIG.

First Clue: Check out Francine’s Cake…

Second Clue: The goodie cupcakes…yumm

Meet Francine with her lovely parents Ate Mot and Richard. Joel at the left and Aaron at the right.

The lovely ladies: Joel, Aaron and Jesy.

When the kids arrived at the party, the booths were all up and running. Look how busy the hair salon was.

(L) Matthew won a mirror and I decided to play with it. (R) Sabrina here was competing with the boys on building the plastic cup pyramid.

And then I found JB, “Smile-y”…while the other kids were playing with the bubbles at the stage.

One of the program’s highlights was the Magic tricks and all the kids were awed with the show.

(L) You can see how the kids really wanted to take home the appearing stuffs from the Magician’s Hat. (R) And at this point, the famous unicyclist of the Philippines came in and performed their tricks as well.

It was fun watching them that it was tempting enough to just drop my gears and pay attention to their tricks. But “work comes first”.

While shooting the crowd, I saw some familiar faces. My co-photographer Mike Tan and his lovely wife, Tin, together with their beautiful daughter, Mika.

Instead of the usual pukpok palayok, the “IN” thing today is the balloon-popping and all the goodie candies are still awaited for.

Lastly, here is Ninong Erron and Jesy with the birthday girl, Maraiye Francine.

I had the funnest birthday shoot that day because there were freeflowing gellato ice cream. Also, I got to take home a limited “Francine Turns 1” bean bag and took home some balloons. Woohoo… Not only does God make beautiful weddings, but Birthdays as well.

Thanks Ate Mot!

17 years to go and it’s your debut Francine. =) I think I can still hold a camera by that time. =P

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