UP Theme E-Session: Gilbert + Rochelle

ByDominic Barrios | Prenups

Venue: La Mesa Ecopark

Gown: Cecilio Abad

Shot for Imagine Nation

Here it is! Gilbert and Rochelle’s prenup photos at La Mesa Ecopark.. Just right after the movie UP was shown, these two wanted to meet up and plan for their E-Session with me. They surprised me when they said they’re preparing for the shoot (on their own with no stylist). They showed me peg and stuffs but what surprised me the most was the “HOUSE”.

Come prenup day, Gilbert ordered a bunch of balloons delivered right at La Mesa Ecopark. They also showed me how “big” the flying house was and “whoah”… They had it customized… Winner! I loved all the details they brought for this shoot and if I was going to give an award for the most prepared couple for an E-Session, it would be for Gilbert and Rochelle…

Hold it… I know what you’re thinking…Is Rochelle = Marian Rivera? …

Congratulations once again, Gilbert and Rochelle…

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