One More Chance: Ryan + Ricci’s Wedding

ByDominic Barrios | Weddings

Venue: The Paradiso Terrestre

HMUA: Rae Venturanza and Nhot Bituin

Video: Wang Videography

Shot for Imagine Nation

Any of you seen the famous movie “One More Chance”?…. Believe it or not, I haven’t…I’ve seen bits and parts so I’m only familiar with a few lines and stories. And today was my lucky day… I just discovered where those lines came from.

Popoy’s famous lines/scenes from the movie came from Ryan’s life story.

“Bash, di mo ba alam yung three-month break-up rule? Lahat ng taong na-inlove at nakipag-break ay alam yun. Bash, maghihintay ka muna, tatlong buwan. Di ba tatlong buwan bago ka makipag boyfriend ulit. Bash, may dalawang linggo pa ako eh, dalawang linggo pa. Lahat na ginawa ko. Ano pang gusto mong gawin ko? Bakit ba kating-kati kang palitan ako? PI naman Bash, ganyan ka ba katigas? Parang awa mo naman. Sumagot ka!”

Spoiler Alert: Popoy and Basha weren’t married to each other, in real life… I know I know.. sucks haha..

But looking on the bright side, when one door shuts, God opens a new one for everyone. We all have become Popoy’s and Basha’s at one point in our lives. I’m sure Basha has a good story to tell as well. In the meantime, let’s celebrate Ryan and Ricci’s wedding, for taking this once chance to make their marriage perfect.

Congratulations Ryan and Ricci…


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