New Beginnings…

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Finally, its 2-2-11

So, what’s the big deal about this day?

To tell you the truth, NOTHING… To Some, it’s just one of those ordinary days in their calendar….

Well, NOT for me…

You see, 3 months ago, November 2 (2010) to be exact…I talked to my mentor, John Mateos Ong, about a HUGE decision I was going to make. A Leap of FAITH as I would call it. I remember waiting at their sala’s sofa, sitting, not knowing what words to use or even where to start from. It was really nerve-wracking. I really hate practicing speeches, I wasn’t good with them during my school years why expect I would be better now. So I had to go with the first words that came into mind and blurted it out of my mouth…”Sir Jong, magpapaalam na sana ako sa inyo…..”.

Yes, to all those who were concerned, emailed me at 4am, buzzed me at YM, PM’d me at Facebook or even followed me at Twitter, THAT DAY (Nov. 2, 2010), I asked for my mentor’s permission and blessing — to leave my Imagine Nation family and start my own company. It was a bittersweet feeling. But like any other decision made, it was guided and guarded by prayers and affirmed by my daily scripture readings.

So, instead of posting promos, discounts, and freebies today. Let me take this opportunity to honor the people who have helped me a lot to be where I am right now.

To Sir Jong and Ms Monique, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you for all the opportunities you’ve given me, shared with me and taught me. Four years ago, I remember clearly, that I was spiritually drained and was floating in my career path and close to being “lost”. I truly believe that God works everyday in our lives, to lead us to where he wants us to be & grow closer to Him. And I am forever thankful to God and to You, because He used you as one of his instruments, to rub in me the passion to know more about God.

To my Imagine Nation Family… You are just too darn many to be mentioned 1 by 1 here…(@_@).. But know that each one of you, I’ve tried to share a part of me, my experiences and knowledge at one time or another. It’s not because we’re required but because I treasure relationships more in this life than wealth. A lot of you sharpened, honed and challenged me to be the best in what we do. And I sincerely will keep all these wonderful memories we had with one another. (The good and the bad). Those are character-building moments for all of us. Three and a half years of being together is a long time especially if it was mixed with sweat, blood and tears. I wouldn’t trade the friendship over a loss booking, criticisms, gossips, envy, paranoia or even if Canon becomes the BEST camera versus Nikon. I loved you, love you and will still love you all.

Lastly, to all my past couples and present couples…. Thank you for trusting me to be part of your wedding, to witness your love and make the vows to be together, through thick and thins. The laughter, the joy and the drama. May you always be together and love each other more and more. Rest assured, you can always expect, that more than just your wedding supplier, you have also gained a friend in me. Again, Thank You.

So with that, let’s all raise our glasses, tap it….and shout..

Big Cheers to New Beginnings…

PS. more bigger announcements soon…so just watch out for it…

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