James + Cai’s Wedding

ByDominic Barrios | Weddings

Preps/Church: Village East / Holy Trinity Parish

Reception: Mango Farm

HMUA: Janeth Tia

Coordination by: Christine Ong-Te Events

Shot for Imagine Nation Photo

This wedding was one of my memorable and fave weddings first of all because Cai is a friend of mine way back from YFC days. I met James when Cai asked me to shoot their wedding and everything just went well. Like , I always say, work becomes really easier when you are shooting friends and not clients.

*Tip for couples: Befriend your suppliers… You’d be surprised to see what it does and how it affect our outputs more. Even you will feel that your wedding went smoothly.

Anyway, here are some of the photos I took that day…

Loving the lights and shadows from the window so I played with the rings and the bible.

Lovin’ the attic at Cai’s house so I had to go upstairs to have a top shot …

Don and Cai’s moment…before He hands over Cai to James; James looking really happy to see his future wife.

James had two outfits prepared for him. He went in the church wearing a coat but since the weather was really hot, He had to change to his barong, which actually looked really neat… James, dehydrating from the heat…Thanks to Gatorade.

James, getting ready for the kiss… I loved the passionate hug these couple had after their first kiss.

During the reception, James and Cai had their first dance and loved it…

Here you go James and Cai… I know this is pretty late but what the heck … Enjoy!

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