New Generation: Migo, Kenneth & Robbie

ByDominic Barrios | Kids Portraits

I can’t believe years have passed by and some of my co-SFC’s are already married and getting married. Some of them even have little rascals already. =P It’s really tiring just watching them play around, crawl, run, fight, cry and get dirty… Though I’ve been a teacher for pre-school kids for 3 years, I still cant imagine myself having one on my own soon… (Aside from the fact that im single, not yet married and the possibility of bearing a child on your own especially if you’re a guy is impossible).

Well, since Koots and Ichel, Ronald and Ivy, and Billy and May have these cute little boys already, I was fortunate enough and was able to take some portraits of them in their very playful nature…

Check out Robbie…


While here is Migo (left) and Kenneth (right)….


Im sure these boys will be the next generation following the footsteps of their fathers… =)