High School Love: Jihan + Warlie’s E-Session

ByDominic Barrios | Prenups


Shot with Jamie Lihan for Imagine Nation Photography

While waiting for Jihan and Warlie to pick us up at the studio, two high school students went in our studio and I looked at them curiously. I thought to myself, “are these two cutting classes just to have portrait shots here?”. Then it entered my mind, that these high school students could be Jihan and Warlie, but i dissed the idea quickly because Jihan and Warlie are getting married soon therefore should be in their right age.

Suddenly, the two high school students looked at me and smiled. “Dominic!?” the first words they spoke, and I was stunned.

“Jihan & Warlie?” I replied.

And so that was the start of a really crazy engagement session and a great friendship. =P


Apparently, Jihan and Warlie met during High School and they wanted this prenup to be something meaningful for them.





Warlie trying to get his first kiss: No Success-o! haha





After hearing their love story and how they overcame their long distance relationship, it just affirmed me that it’s always a decision to think of ways to nourish it and work hard for it because its a commitment. When one decides to give up, that’s when relationship starts to fall.

In Jihan and Warlie’s story, this wasn’t the case… Theirs was a success. And I applaud you guys for it…

Congratulations Jihan and Warlie