Jihan + Warlie’s Wedding

ByDominic Barrios | Weddings

Preps: Edsa Shangrila

Ceremony/Reception: Glass Garden

Shot with Derrick Ian Lim and Lai de Guzman for Imagine Nation Photography

Video by Phoeben Teocson Videography

Jihan was the class Valedictorian in her highschool days while Warlie was an upper year who was eyeing Jihan for quite some time. But their love story didn’t start during High School. It was when they were working already when they found each other again.

A story of a very successful long distance relationship and how they conquered the hardships and trials of being away from each other.

A normal romantic date would involve a candle light dinner in an expensive restaurant but that didnt stop Jihan and Warlie from having one since Jihan is in the Philippines while Warlie is based at Singapore. They’d dress up in their best suit and dress and lock up themselves in their rooms, telling their housemates “I have a date” and goes directly in front of their computer turning their Skype and internet connection on. There, they’d have their candle-lit dinner spending time and talking to each other. Definitely one of the best stories I’ve heard so far on how to nourish your relationships even though you’re apart.

Here’s some of the things that happened on their wedding day…








Got to see Phoeben in action during that day…




As Jihan and Warlie honor their parents during the ceremony…




Jihan and Warlie…. Congratulations…. I know how much in love you two are and I pray that you guys will treasure that feeling forever… =) See you in SG when I see you =P

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