Jackie + Annie Tinghun

ByDominic Barrios | Tinghun

Venue: Jumbo Palace

Anyone who haven’t been to a Ting-Hun would normally ask, “What is a Ting-Hun?”… I can explain it in two words, “Chinese Engagement”. In Filipino traditions, it’s called “The Pamamanhikan”. But Chinese Engagements involve a lot of rituals before the groom meets the bride.

In this picture, Annie has just arrived at Jumbo Palace together with all the gifts and goods.

The parents of Jackie arrives as well together with the relatives and guests.

The relatives are fixing all the jewelries for the presentation of the gifts.

The Jewelry gifts.

Yes, they’re real gold.

The mom shows her guests and friends the gifts.

Here is Annie, with her Achie, checking out the view outside.

This is the Tea Ceremony where the couple hands over some teas for their sponsors and they will hand out “Ampaos” in return.

Part of the ritual is, the groom will be driving around the vicinity bringing along with him the cakes.

After the engagement, we wanted to take a few shots for the couple’s portraits. =)