A day in a life of a photographer…

ByDominic Barrios | Personal Stuff

Venue: Imagine Nation Studio

What does a photographer do when they’re bored? Well, for one, we look for interesting subjects and interesting things to do. We tested out Heidi’s newly bought “Boling” lights and the studios’ continuous light.

This is Heidi, one of my co-photographers in Imagine Nation. Men with different nationalities have fallen with this lady’s killer looks. I’m not kidding. =) Ask around.

This is Ate Mot, our finance manager…”Huli ka!” hahaha… jk… Thanks Ate Mot for posing… =P Mwah! hehehe…

Meet Tomas and Roger… The fastest drivers in the west. Very reliable people when you need to fly from North to South in 10 minutes.

Here’s Ate Onnie (Traffic Manager) and Roger. So how did the two fall in love? “Basta’t driver, sweet lover.” Diba Roger?.

Since we’ve been itching to shoot and try out the new lights, we asked them to pose for us and have a post-nup.

Woohooo… Sweet!

But when we asked, what happens in their daily normal lives, here’s what happened. hehehe

Get to know the people you work with and their life stories, you’d be amazed how God teaches you something from their life.

I was very blessed that day to have bonded with these people.