Alan & KC’s Maternity Shoot

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So here we are again, sharing one of my favorite life moments… Maternity Shoots. I’ve known KC since college and we’re both engineers. Yes, you’ve heard that right! Licensed Electronics and Communications Engineer. So when I’ve heard that KC is already expecting a baby real soon, we had to schedule a maternity shoot.

Our first venue was in Parks and Wildlife and as expected, it was hot and humid. But despite the heat, we had a great time. (I wouldn’t recommend maternity shoots there again though). I still prefer a private and more comfortable venue for the couple.

Overall, we had a great time. Alan and KC were awesome and were all smiles during the shoot. What I love about these two is the way they look at each other. They both have these twinkly eyes every time I ask them to face each other. You can just see from the posted photos. Right?

So how about you? If you’re having a maternity shoot, where would you want it to be?

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