Montemar Beach Club: Adlyn & James Wedding

ByDominic Barrios | Weddings

Venue: Montemar Beach Club Resort
HMUA: Janeth Tia

This wedding is unlike any other wedding you’ve probably seen in many wedding inspiration blogs. This wedding revolves not around the pretty details and the DIYs. This wedding revolves around RELATIONSHIPS. The families, relatives and close friends of the couple. And I love these kinds of weddings.

Adlyn and James’ wedding was very unique in many ways. A blue dress for a wedding gown, turtle-release instead of the traditional doves, a filipino-theme-inspired wedding cake. But what made the wedding very special were the people around them and as we witnessed how happy everyone was to witness both Adlyn and James walk down the aisle and be ONE.

Adlyn & James-39

I loved how Adlyn was so excited during preps.

Adlyn & James-3

Adlyn & James-61

Adlyn’s mom sharing stories to everyone.

Adlyn & James-4

Adlyn & James-2

It’s finally sinking in…

Adlyn & James-40

Adlyn & James-62

Adlyn in her “something blue” gown

Adlyn & James-7

Adlyn & James-8

Adlyn & James-9


Meet James!

Adlyn & James-60

Adlyn & James-63

Adlyn & James-10

Adlyn & James-12

Adlyn & James-14

Adlyn & James-11

Adlyn & James-13

Adlyn & James-15

Adlyn & James-65


How giddy…

Adlyn & James-41
Did I mention that the weather then was crazy?

Adlyn & James-44

Adlyn & James-58

Good thing the sun decided to finally show up during the ceremony


Here are the filipino-themed wedding cake


Adlyn & James-50

Adlyn & James-49


Adlyn & James-47

Adlyn & James-51

Adlyn & James-67

Adlyn & James-74

Adlyn & James-16

Adlyn & James-18
A lot of crying…

Adlyn & James-19

Adlyn & James-17

Adlyn & James-20

Adlyn & James-21

Adlyn & James-23

Adlyn & James-22

Adlyn & James-24

Adlyn & James-28

Adlyn & James-35

Adlyn & James-53

Adlyn & James-26

Adlyn & James-27

Yep, those are little turtles…

Adlyn & James-75

Adlyn & James-76

Adlyn & James

Who doesn’t love fireworks by the beach?

Adlyn & James-56

Adlyn & James-78

Adlyn & James-36

Adlyn & James-32

Adlyn & James-29

Adlyn & James-31

Adlyn & James-30

Adlyn & James-77

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