Jodel & Noelle’s E-Session

ByDominic Barrios | Prenups

Venue: PNR Caloocan
HMUA: Emer Buenaventura
Styling/Clothes: Frankie De Leon
Photo: Dominic Barrios Photography

Finally able to blog this special engagement session photos. Why special? Well, because that lady in red is my sister. When I heard that she’s getting married, I already know I’m shooting her prenup and wedding (Hopefully, Im going to be able to post them soon.) . Another reason why this session is special is because Jodel is the brother of one of the famous couturiers in the country, Frankie De Leon. And Yes, he did the clothes for this session (wait till you see their wedding dress and the entourage).

I enjoyed shooting this session since I’ve wanted to try out a not so typical venue for prenups. “Just bring it on!” and I’m sure we’ll come up with an awesome session for you. The venue was a bit challenging since it rained that day but we managed to create awesome images inside. Second, it was really hot inside so we have to make sure the couple looks fresh always.

I have lots of favorite images in these session I’m not sure if you can guess them. How about you? What’s your favorite from the set?

Jodel & Wella


Jodel & Wella-2


Jodel & Wella-6


Jodel & Wella-11

Jodel & Wella-5

Jodel & Wella-4


Jodel & Wella-35

Jodel & Wella-37

Jodel & Wella-48

Jodel & Wella-60

Jodel & Wella-45

Jodel & Wella-13

Jodel & Wella-20

Jodel & Wella-24

Jodel & Wella-50

Jodel & Wella-49

Jodel & Wella-43

Jodel & Wella-57

Jodel & Wella-58

Jodel & Wella-61

Jodel & Wella-63


Jodel & Wella-52

Jodel & Wella-14

Jodel & Wella-21

Jodel & Wella-26

Jodel & Wella-15

Jodel & Wella-19

Jodel & Wella-16

Jodel & Wella-34

Jodel & Wella-36




Jodel & Wella-51

Jodel & Wella-42

Jodel & Wella-33

Jodel & Wella-44

Jodel & Wella-53

Jodel & Wella-55

Jodel & Wella-25


Jodel & Wella-59

Jodel & Wella-62

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