Sanctuario De San Antonio Wedding | Neville + Leanne

ByDominic Barrios | Weddings

This is the story of Nevo and Leanne… Fate brought them together during a common friend’s party. Back then, Nevo already had eyes set out on her. His efforts on asking out Leanne did not go in vain since these two dated already after a year. After several months, Nevo was ready to leap and create a new milestone for their relationship. He proposed to Leanne while they were in the Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco.

(Disclaimer: Nevo gave the hotline number to Leanne for those people who plan to commit suicide. A hint that Nevo won’t take No for an answer…. Crazy Guy! haha )

So Leanne said “Yes”. LOL.

Want to see how their wedding looked like?

Preps: Marriott Hotel
Reception: The Blue Leaf
Couture by: Veejay Floresca
Flowers by: Badang Rueda
Coordination by: Teena Barretto (Hitched)
Video by: Jason Magbanua
Shots by Dominic Barrios
for Imagine Nation

And they lived happily ever after…

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