Investment on ” Weddings vs. Marriage ” (A Photographers Point-of-View)

ByDominic Barrios | Personal Stuff

Did you ever plan ahead what you want to happen for your wedding? Weddings have always been an exciting moment for couples planning to get married. I’ve met a lot of ladies who are already thinking and planning, who to get for the most awaited day for a woman’s life (And by the way, these ladies are still single). They’ve searched-the-net-till-dawn, hunted and stalked their fave suppliers. Some even “googled” if they (suppliers) are single in relationship status or not. (I know right??? sigh… the wonders of search engine terms feature of wordpress haha). Some couples have been very meticulous and wanted to get the “perfect” style for their pictures, make-ups, gowns, flowers, invites, and other wedding details. Budgets for weddings sometimes overshoot from 500k to a million just to have their perfect dream wedding. (Husbands-to-be, i feel for you… ) . And I do agree… This is just a once in a lifetime event for couples and it is their right to choose or spend for suppliers who would gladly make their wedding extra special and memorable.

But recently, I’ve encountered clients who backed-out and cancelled their weddings for unfortunate reasons. Imagine, just a month before their wedding?. I know and am aware that prepping up for the wedding is stressful enough to push and pull couples closer or farther away from each other. That’s why as a supplier, we always encourage our couples to enjoy the preps because if they don’t, they won’t have anything nice to look back to.

Hmmm, makes you want to think, if we have invested a lot for our dream wedding, shouldn’t we at least, spend as much and invest for our “Marriage”?

Marriage Counseling and Relationship Workshops are two of the best suggestions I can think of. Who ever said, you should just avail them when you have problems? Cars are sent to “casas” for check-ups , why not do a check-up on your relationships as well?

Ask yourself: What is the worth of your marriage compared to the worth of your wedding?

As a Christian, my sure bet for a marriage to work out is to check how both your relationship is with God.

How about you? Have you ever thought of investing more for your marriage than for your wedding?…

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