Henry + Grace’s Wedding

ByDominic Barrios | Weddings

Church: Cainta Catholic Church

After shooting Karen + Jerwin’s Wedding, I headed to CCC to witness my householdmate’s wedding…. and I was fortunate enough to capture Grace as she goes down her bridal car and getting ready to walk down the aisle…


Another one of those weddings that tells you God knows what’s in your heart and He knows whats best for you and after 10 years of being together in a community. They realized their partners are right just in front of their eyes…

Quoting my friend Henry from his speech: ” Ang sarap palang magmahal… “. Finally, these two found each other and we’re just very happy to witness their union and be able to tell a short story about the love they had.

Henry and Grace… Congratulations… May you inspire a lot of singles to live a truly blessed marriage life like yours… God Bless!