Perfect in God’s Eyes: Jong + Monique’s Wedding

ByDominic Barrios | Weddings

Venue: White House and Seawind Boracay

Bride’s Gown and Entourage: Cecilio Abad

Groom’s Suit and Matthew’s : Veluz Reyes

Coordinator: Amanda Tirol of Boracay Weddings

Bridal Aesthetics: Madge Lejano and the rest of The Make Up Studio

Bouquet: Beth Amat of Eve & Co.

Rings: Matus

Photo and Video: Imagine Nation Photography and Wang Videography

Reception Hosts: Max Tiu, Kim Tan and Mike Lim

Reception Coordinators: Ariel Atendido, Van Cuenco and Treena Raymundo

Dance Choreography: Christine Ong-Te

Jong and Monique are our mentors not only in photography but also in our walk with the Lord. So when they announced that they will get married at Boracay, everybody in the Imagine Nation Family immediately booked their flights and acoomodation since Jason Deg, one of our co-photographers, is getting married with Loi at Boracay also that same week.

How can we ever repay the one person who gave you the opportunity and taught you what you needed to know about shooting weddings and the person who guides and inspires you in your spiritual walk?…The answer was simple, “The only way we know how.” By giving our best to capture all the beauty and love God was pouring them that day.

People from the wedding industry gathered around and offered their love and services to them and we were lucky enough to tell you what happened that glorious day.

The wedding date came and everyone was just relaxed, or so we thought, =P … we caught Madge fixing up the groom … What?? Yeah, you read that right… Madge was even using airbrush to give Jong his make-up. (Jayjay, clarification, Jong was the 2nd guy to have been used an airbrush by Madge… He was next to David Cook. Panalo!)


Veluz, then came, at Jong’s place to help him…fix his pants?? I’d say she really did a great job with Jong and Matthew’s suits.


Matthew, Jong and Veluz


Like always, our team always pray before we start our day….This time around, Jason prays over Jong’s wedding…


Here’s our groom, Jong, in his just perfect suit.


After shooting Jong’s portraits, I headed to our bride’s room and saw two beautiful gowns made by Cecilio Abad. One for our bride, Monique and the other for Sabrina, her daughter.


Everyone was taking pictures of the bride from all angles…Count the people holding the cameras.


Monique, sure does pass to be a photographer’s wife…she knows how to E-M-O-T-E.


Loved this Mother-Daughter moment…


Here are the ladies posing with the bride… Everyone looked gorgeous don’t they?




Among Monique’s portraits, my favorite shot was this one…


Goin to the ceremony, people can’t help it but tears were already welling up in their eyes. Here’s Michelle, Monique’s twin sister, wiping off the tears.


Then Matthew was already walking down the aisle and I caught people just looking at him with the “Awwww” look…Cute!


So how happy was our bride while walking down the aisle?…Very happy!


At the altar, Monique’s mom was waiting for her as they look at the groom from a distance.


Our Maid-of-Honor couldn’t just help it…


Then I caught a very sweet moment…


Tita Beth, Jong’s mom…


After the honoring of parents, Jong and Tita Beth hugged each other and turned away their faces from the people but I was just in the right spot..woohoo…


When it was Monique’s turn to honor her mom, tears were already forming from her mom’s eyes so Michelle offered some tissue…



The vows…



Some random shots of what took place during the ceremony…






The Reception: As the program was already on-going, raindrops were already pouring and I saw Jong and Monique praying at their table.


Here is Jong’s mentor, Jo Avila, giving them the tips and advice about sex…. laughtrip…


Jazzy sang a song for Jong and Monique…


Before the host passed the mic to Jong and Monique, we played the game, guess who? and here are some of the things that happened that night.




The Wedding Suppliers Table going all out for the CAMSUR Trip Prize… Very Competitive…


Jong and Monique’s first dance…


The Imagine Nation Family…




A lot of things has happened that night, some were just astounding, some mishaps and some were just plain crazy partying and booze. As a wedding guest, I thought to myself, everything was just perfect the way they are. The most important thing in this special occassion was not to see how smooth everything was and going according to your plan but mainly to see and feel the love of God through the people around you caring for you.

“Meanwhile these three remain: Faith, Hope and Love; and the greatest of these is Love” – 1 Corinthians 13:13

Sir Jong and Monique, Congratulations again and I love you both…

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