Noli + Juvi’s E-Session

ByDominic Barrios | Prenups

Venue: Oasis Garden & Imagine Nation Photography Studio

Make-up by: Michael Celestino

This was Day 2 of my Oasis streak and amazingly, God was still providing great spots for us to do our shoot for Noli & Juvi’s engagement session. Noli is actually based in Africa working for an IT company while Juvi is just staying here in the Philippines. Noli came home only for their wedding and will be staying here only for two weeks…

So how did their love story began? Noli and Juvi were neighbors when they were young and then Juvi moved out of their home for quite some time… But when she came back, Noli grabbed the opportunity and pursued a relationship with Juvi. And the rest is history….








Btw, Noli and Juvi were wed last April 20…. Congratulations to you guys… It was fun shooting you and getting to know about your love story. Hope you’ll always have God rule your marriage. Hope to see you again… God Bless!