Mike + Marcelle’s Wedding

ByDominic Barrios | Weddings

Preps: Sofitel

Ceremony/Reception: Coconut Palace

Hair and Make-up: Aaron Lejarde and Joel Estrelles of The MakeUp Studio

Coordinator: Christine Ong-Te Events

Shot with Erron Ocampo, Carlo Cecilio, Maranda Young Riek for Imagine Nation Photography

Video: Wang Videography

Mike was one of our editors before in Imagine Nation that’s why we were in full force during their wedding. Along with us was a guest photographer from US, Maranda. Mike and Marcelle was planning to have their garden wedding at Coconut Palace in the afternoon and an outdoor reception at the evening. But while we were shooting during the preps, rain poured down heavily (see picture below). Pooh, our coordinator asked everyone to join in for a prayer and ask God to give us a great weather and stop the rain. A few minutes after, we were already seeing blue skies. Just like what God said, Ask and You will receive. Mike and Marcelle was totally relieved that the rain stopped. We just felt really blessed that day and just know that God was working on our side.



Meet Mike..


Just wanted to shoot this beautiful flower girl. She liked being photographed. Lucky me.


The Wang boys posing with the groom. Friends are really gold treasures aren’t they? That’s the blue sky im talking about in the background.


One thing you should know about Mike is, he’s into videos as well.


See the sun already? it’s shining alright…


At Coconut palace, the reception venue. Thank God for a great weather.



The couple wanted a hollywood style set-up and they got it…




At the end of the reception, the wedding was capped by a big fireworks display. I love it.


This was just one of those weddings that proves us that “There is a God” who answers our prayers. And He really makes beautiful weddings when we put Him in the center.

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