Kerygma Conference 2008

ByDominic Barrios | Others

Touted as the country’s biggest Catholic learning event, the theme of the Kerygma Conference 2008 which was held at the Philsports Arena in Pasig City is “Awaken the Miracle in You.”

Among the speakers are Fr. Bill Halbing, a renewal leader from the US whom Sanchez described as “one of the most inspiring and funniest” preachers he has ever met.

This was my 2nd year to cover Kerygma Conference and I always find it uplifting, energizing, and encouraging when I listen to the speakers. This year, Bo Sanchez brought in Fr. Bill Halbing and he was really hilarious and at the same time packs a strong punch to all lukewarm Catholics out there. He told of personal stories of how the Holy Spirit works in their church like any other day. I was very inspired of how he aims to empower and revive the fire especially here in the Philippines.

A lot of people gathered to worship God and listen to the powerful talks.

One thing Fr. Bill said that hit the spot, “Let’s bring out our Bibles! Oh, I forgot! You’re all Catholics”. Everyone laughed hard, but you know you felt the punch.

Even the Katinas surprised us with a song and boy they were really good. The crowd clamored for 1 more song and they obliged singing a Christmas carol, “Oh Holy Night”.

Listening to the talks and watching the reactions of the crowd was a very powerfull stuff for me. I felt like I was taking a double dosage of what everyone was getting. I felt the Holy Spirit convict me of some things in my life that I need to be fixed.

Before the day ended, we were all led for another worship where everyone poured out their hearts and sang praises to our Lord. I praise God for bringing me there not knowing that I’ll be going home with a lot more just by clicking my shutter and covering the people who attended that conference.