Imagine Nation Christmas Parteeh Awards

ByDominic Barrios | Others

Check out some of the non-sense awards I received last December 17 during our Imagine Nation Christmas Party… Blogger of the Year and Loading for the Year 2008…. Hmm for my thank you speech, I thank God for all the awards I received that night. I’m shocked and surprised. There were more people deserving of these awards, especially the “Loading” part. hehehe. I wanna thank the people who supported me, (especially the assists who held my flash during shoots). My co-photographers who voted.. and the hosts who invented the awards and decided the outcome. This wouldn’t be possible without you guys. hehehe… You know who you are…. But anyway, just for the sake of sportsmanship… Thanks Guys! Babawi ako next year hahaha…

Oh pahabol, I wanna thank Steve Pagsanjan for the haircut on my picture hahaha… Ayus! You da Man!

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