Wayne + Haidee’s Wedding

ByDominic Barrios | Weddings

Preps: Manila Peninsula

Church: San Sebastian Church

Reception: Manila Peninsula

Shot with John Mateos Ong and Julie Ko for Imagine Nation Photography

Make-up by Cherry Pacheco-Uy

Gown and Suit by Cecilio Abad

Every wedding has its own story and a different experience to share for us photographers. In this case, I had a very memorable one with Wayne’s family. His family are pure Chinese and doesn’t speak english that much. So when I walked in to his room, I greeted his dad and looked for Wayne. He spoke some words to me but it was all foreign to my brain. I realized that he was speaking mandarin to me when someone was speaking to him in their language. Good thing Julie was there to translate some of the words he was saying.

During Haidee’s prep, she was very calm and quiet. When she wants someone to hurry up, she still speaks in a soft voice and manages to smile.

The funniest experience I had that night was before the reception started. All of Wayne and Haidee’s relatives went up the balcony of Manila Pen for a pictorial and I had an instant photobooth experience. I never shot a group that loved pictures that much haha..

Because of that funny experience, I got to memorize some of mandarin words we should use when we ask people to do when taking pictures:

1. Chio – smile/laugh

2. Hap xiong – picture

Guys, correct me if I placed in wrong translations here ok hehe…

Wayne and Haidee, Chio! =) Congratulations again!