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The flight to Boracay (Day 1)…

This is it! The day we fly to Boracay Islands. I’ve been looking forward to this shoot since October last year. And God put me to a lot of tests to prepare me for this day. And Oh its so sweet. I have a lots of stories to tell so I prepared some pictures as a guide to my storyline. =)

First off, we finally got our tickets…Woohoo! Notice the name under it?…

Tada! Meet Tiqui Del Rosario… hehe…

I’ll be shooting with.. ahh..uhhm.. Ms. Tiqui Del Rosario for a wedding. Nah… This is Toto Villaruel aka Tiqui sa gabi.

Teka, you don’t look like a “Tiqui”?!… Be more feminine, more lady-like, uhmm more sarcastic na rin hehe.. That’s Toto in his Tiqui smile.

We’re now at NAIA 3 waiting for our flight and since we’ve got nothing (good) to do. We decided to shoot around the scenes inside the airport.

Check out who we saw at the airport… it’s Tomas.. uhmm look-alike lang pala hehe…

When we finally landed to Boracay, I just loved the skies, the water and the sand.

We stayed at the White House Resort. Amanda’s got really great rooms and service.

During the flight, I felt like I was a kid again because I saw how fluffy the clouds were and tried to look for beings walking on the clouds. Oh well, it was really a great experience and opportunity to be on this island. Thank You Lord.

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