Boracay: Richard + Bel’s E-Session

ByDominic Barrios | Prenups

Venue: Boracay

Hair and Make-up by Jesy Alto of The Color Artistry

Shot with Arlene Briones

Richard and Bel are close friends of mine. Richard is actually one of my batchmates from Imagine Nation’s apprenticeship program while Bel is just our neighbor from the studio who sells lots of cool stuff from scented oils, air freshener, bags, and everything she can think of selling. =) Both these two are really business-minded people so you know they fit together so well… Oh did I mention, these two are from Lasalle..=P

You’d be surprised to know that these two are actually not what your typical first impression would tell you: Quiet and Serious… Richard can crack you up with his crazy antics when he teases Bel. On the other hand, Bel can make funny faces you can’t imagine she would do.. =P On top of that, both these guys are very reliable in service, work or friendship.

Here are some of the photos that I took for them during our Boracay trip…








Hopefully there’ll be a part 2 of their engagement session in the cooking… Let’s wait for it…

Moj and Bel… Clock is ticking…We’re all excited for the Big Date!

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