Joaquin’s 7th Birthday

ByDominic Barrios | Birthdays

Venue: Plaza Dilao Paco Manila

Shot with Gracielle Hernandez for Imagine Nation Photography

The moment we entered the venue for Joaquin’s birthday, I knew it was going to be big.

Check out Joaquin’s cake…Yummy!

The party had cool and funny ventriloquists.

Some amazing and funny acrobats.

and Joaquin’s friends just couldn’t keep their eyes off of the performers.

Joaquin also gave us a surprise dance number. He really danced well, he even had backup dancers. Learned some steps from this little guy. “Apple bottom jeans, boots with a fur..” “Low, Low, Low…”

Guess who’s the father of Joaquin?… No other than Isko Moreno. Yule Servo was there also… Cool!

And here’s our handsome birthday boy… Joaquin! Smile!

It was a great and fun-filled birthday celebration. Can’t believe parents would spend for their kid’s 7th birthday party. Joaquin was very lucky to have his wonderful and loving parents. Glad I was able to enjoy shoot his party and witness all the fun.

Joaquin, Happy Birthday! I’m betting I’ll be seeing you on TV someday. You rock!