Boracay Photoshoot Fun Day 3

ByDominic Barrios | Others

Venue: Boracay Island

This is Day 3 of our stay in Boracay. I slept around 3am because I was sorting pictures all night so that I could pass them to the studio. After the wedding, Toto and I were still asleep when the room service for food knocked on our door. Good thing I was a light sleeper and quickly jumped off my bed to open the door. Thats 7am in the morning Mind You! We had a very yummy breakfast.

The room we had at White House was very inviting and our beds kept calling our bodies to sleep. Check out Toto in this picture. I wasn’t sure if he was half-asleep or faking it. So I clicked on my shutters and he wasn’t budging. Hahaha… He’s asleep alright.

We went outside to check the beach and the sand…We saw these kids playing around.

And what do photographers do when they’ve got no subjects to shoot at. We shoot each other. Go pose Toto!

Toto wants to make it clear that he’s a HE! =P

We saw Mandarin Spa and I really liked the big bonsai at the side.

While touring inside D’Mall, Toto and I wanted to check out the crazy crepes store that we saw the other day but then right beside it was this sumptuous Ice Treats. Initially, we wanted to take the Family Ice but it was good for 5-6 persons. Im sure we wouldn’t be able to finish it off. Maybe if Jayjay was around, it would be a cinch, but I was with Toto. hehe.. So we took the Couple Ice… Eeerrrghhh, not that Toto and I are a couple…haha

Here it is, the yummy couple ice, topped with watermelons, banana, pineapple, mangoes, mongoes, and corn flakes. Yummy I swear.

Well, it is our last day at Boracay. We didn’t bother testing the waters and swim. But we sure did enjoy walking on the sand and shooting stuffs. This was one great blessing from “The Man” Himself. Thank You Lord.

To Amanda, Thanks for the accomodation. You sure know how to take care of your people. See you next year on the 24th. =P

Butch and Myra, I know you guys really enjoyed your wedding to the max. Thanks for letting us be a part of your wedding and trusting us to cover it. Im pretty sure you’ll enjoy the pictures because we did. See you! and Merry Christmas!

Lord, you are good and kind, You have blessed me this year in many ways. This is just the cherry on the top of my sundae. If you have blessed me with these much this year, can’t wait to see what you have in store for us next year.

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