Calatagan Stilts: Carlo + Heidi’s Wedding

By Dominic Barrios | Weddings

So this was not just another gathering of wedding suppliers. Two of my buddies and co-photographers from Imagine Nation are getting married. Both of them loves the Lord and serves Him through Singles For Christ. But the meaty part of their love story was: they had a “cat and dog” relationship before all these. Put them together inside a room and you’ll hear a lot of screaming. LOL. But amazingly, God made it possible for them to be together despite their love-hate relationship. And they had one of the best weddings I’ve seen.

Gown: Cecilio Abad

Bridal Make up: Madge Landrito

Groom and family Make up: Jesy Alto

Hair: Steve Pagsanjan

Photographers: shot with Erron Ocampo, Jayjay Lucas, Toto Villaruel, Derrick Lim, and Imagine Nation Photography

Videography: Wang and Film Factory

Flowers and Event Styling: Teddy Manuel

Coordination: Christine Ong Te Events

The venue was sooooooo “Heidi”. Full of sunshine. She loves the beach and I remember her dream wedding would be held in one.

We were blessed with blue skies and a sunny weather.

Some fab details I found in Carlo and Heid’s Wedding

Heidi’s such a one-of-a-kind lady, her dream stone for an engagement ring was a ruby. And she got it.

And this is Madge, working her magic with Heids.

Excited to fit in Cecilio Abad’s gown and to see…. well, just ask me… LOL.

Fitting her veil for the first time and loving the band…

Stunning and doll-like beauty…

With her parents…

Here’s the dashing groom…Carlo…

Carlo marches down the aisle (L), and their adorable balloon girls (R)

Anticipating the Bride…

Yeah, even the photographers were anticipating… with eagle eyes…

Here comes the Bride…

Carlo’s grandmother was so thrilled to see the bride walk down the aisle

As she walks down the aisle, Heidi was overwhelmed with lots of emotions..

But this was probably my favorite portrait of Heidi with the joyous look on her face…

Tears of Joy…

That’s Christine Ong-Te, Derrick Lim and Jamie Lihan

Found some gorgeous ladies there… Meet Sheena and Feliz Lucas

The Make-up Artists are having a session of their own after doing a great job with Carlo and Heidi’s family.

Derrick and Cedric

The Vows

Heidi’s mom moved with the vows…

Jamie is everywhere…

Sweet moment before the first kiss…

The crowd was cheering on already..

Carlo does the stretching while Heidi is pa-demure 😛

Excited MUCH for the First Kiss… Hehe

Mrs Valencia was overjoyed…

Close friends of Carlo and Heids

Magical Kiss…captured

Portrait Time for the Couple… Really just had fun shooting away…Since both are photographers, posing was soooo Natural…

Jayjay at work with Toto

a pictorial of their own…

Congrats once again Carlo and Heidi Cecilio 🙂



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