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Alvin, Yen and Gave’s Prenup | Family Shoot

Styling by RabbitHole Creatives

I was so excited to shoot Alvin and Yen for Prenup because Alvin is the brother of my recent wed groom, Christian. I was looking forward to how this shoot will look like. When I arrived at the venue, I saw a guy who looks like a make-up artist and he asked if I’m with the Rabbithole shoot. I said “No” and I thought to myself, “Wow, there’s another shoot in this location and Rabbithole is here…must be Mangored shooting also.” . After waiting for several minutes, I was asking myself, if the couple is not yet here, they probably aren’t made up yet so who’s doing them. *lighbulb* So I called Alvin up and asked, “Alvin, are you getting RabbitHole ?” and He said “Yes”.

So I got hyped up to hear that I’m working with the famous Rabbithole peeps. And extra hyped up to know that we’re doing it with Alvin and Yen…

Here are some of the awesome photos we had that day…

 See you real soon Alvin and Yen…

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