Bennie + Pru’s Wedding

ByDominic Barrios | Weddings

Preps: Edsa Shangrila

Church: Christ the King

Reception: Glass Garden

HMUA by Joel Miguel

Pictures taken for Imagine Nation Photography

I met Bennie and Pru last January when they wanted to have a prenup. I got to chat with them and have a few conversation and discovered that they were attendees of The Feast by The Light of Jesus Community headed by Bo Sanchez. I, too, am a regular feast attendee whenever I have no shoots on Sundays. For Catholics out there, The Feast is not like any other regular church where you attend the mass and go home after. It’s a venue where we celebrate the Holy Eucharist, sing praise and worship, and listen to a teaching given by Bo Sanchez right after.

I found out that Bennie and Pru will be having Bro Obet Cabrillas as their host on their wedding so I got excited because their wedding will be like a fathering of Feasters… =P Anyway, came their wedding date, I thought Pru was feeling a bit nervous because she was really quiet. But later on, I figured that she was actually just very relaxed and calm and not cramming for anything. That’s pretty rare for a bride, you know.. =P We had a little room problem during their preps because Pru’s room was filled with ladies with faces and hair to be done…even kids . =) But with God’s grace, Pru had a spare room to use for her pictorial and that’s were God showered us with creativity…

Here are some pictures from their wedding…




This is Bennie, the dashing groom…




Loved the lights produced by the ceiling in this picture, highlighting our beautiful bride.





Well, it was another one of those great weddings blessed by God. Im sure with Bennie and Pru’s relationship, they are always protected and supported by the people in their community guided by Christ… Bennie and Pru… Congratulations! See you sometime at the Feast! =)