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Not just any ordinary wedding…

In this world, it’s already a rarity to see Marriages that lasts more than 20, 30 or 40 years. Heck, watching

Sanctuario De San Antonio Wedding | Neville + Leanne

This is the story of Nevo and Leanne…  Fate brought them together during a common friend’s party. Back

Weddings @ Work 2012 Calendar

So it’s almost 2012 already and what a treat, I’m on the Weddings at Work 2012 Desktop Calendar. The theme

From Germany with Love: Adamo + Laarni

Love shooting weddings especially when you get to learn the unique wedding traditions of different nationalities. This

New Beginnings…

Finally, its 2-2-11… So, what’s the big deal about this day? To tell you the truth, NOTHING… To

Bodgie proposes to Steph

Venue: Bonifacio High Street Last year, Bodgie, my college friend from DLSU told me that he was planning to propose to

Investment on ” Weddings vs. Marriage ” (A Photographers Point-of-View)

Did you ever plan ahead what you want to happen for your wedding? Weddings have always been an exciting moment for

” UP ” Themed E-Session: Gilbert + Rochelle…(Teaser)

Just so everyone knows… These two got the “Boy Scout Award” for  over-preparing for their

Trash the Dress: Tim + Takai

Venue: La Luz Here it is! The pics I’ve been wanting to post for so long. We went to La Luz to shoot Tim and