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Before I Do Seminar
Renaissance 3000
April 4, 2009

We invited, prayed and 23 soon to be wed couples took our wedding challenge!!! We posted and advertised getting couples to gear up and work out the real details of their marriage. Guess what? The whole day seminar brought nothing but heart felt realization of what Marriage truly is in God’s design.

We got excited to meet and discuss issues that real couples should discuss before marriage: God’s Design, Roles of husband and wife, Financial Stewardship, sex, communication and love languages….

All 23 soon to be weds – got all these gifts for taking the bold step:
1. Real marital issues – answered and resolved
2. Friendships with other soon to be weds
3. Sweet treats from other suppliers that gave freebies such as free engagement pictorial, choco fountain, hosting, overnight stay at hotel, brides journals, bridal magazine and other gifts…

Before I Do Pre-Marital Workshop – 4th Run Slideshow from Dominic Barrios on Vimeo.