A blissful prenup session in Casa San Pablo: Roel & Harmony

ByDominic Barrios | Prenups

Venue: Casa San Pablo

Meet Harmony and Roel. Both are based in Singapore but they got married here in the Philippines just recently. Our engagement session at Casa San Pablo was a different kind of experience. It NEVER stopped raining. I had to make sure the couple still had beautiful pictures despite the rain.

But by God’s grace, everything was a success.

So here are some of the photos during that blissful day. Congratulations again Roel and Harmony. God bless your marriage.

Roel & Harmony-5RH3RH1RH7RH5Roel & Harmony-38Roel & Harmony-45RH11Roel & Harmony-84Roel & Harmony-100Roel & Harmony-91Roel & Harmony-6RH2Roel & Harmony-17Roel & Harmony-12Roel & Harmony-26RH8Roel & Harmony-40Roel & Harmony-31Roel & Harmony-34Roel & Harmony-104Roel & Harmony-94Roel & Harmony-4Roel & Harmony-58RH4Roel & Harmony-20RH6RH9RH12Roel & Harmony-56Roel & Harmony-77RH10Roel & Harmony-90Roel & Harmony-57Roel & Harmony-71Roel & Harmony-79Roel & Harmony-19