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Stronghold – SFC Metro Manila Conference 2011

SFC Metro Manila Conference Dagupan 2011 – STRONGHOLD
July 15-17, 2011

1 Peter 5:10 And the God of all grace, who called you to his eternal glory in Christ, after you have suffered a little while, will himself, restore you and make you strong, firm and steadfast.

An immense spiritual revival transpired in Dagupan for SFC Metro Manila during the STRONGHOLD Conference. Thousands of single men and women were shouting and singing their praises to God, crying and rejoicing after hearing the talks and sharing of the speakers.

The whole conference revolved around Peter’s exhortation about God’s Grace. Grace is pure gift that we truly don’t deserve and yet our unworthiness does not stop God from giving it to us. All we are asked to do is accept what He gives.

God’s Grace though given freely, requires us to fully cooperate with its movement in our lives. And that is what the book of James meant by Faith and Action (Works).

Looking back in my life experiences, God has poured me countless moments of Grace and I’d like to share how God has restored, confirmed, strengthened and established me through His gift.

Back in 2007, that was one of the darkest years of my life. My CFC Community broke-up in two, my former SFC Chapter, who was dwindling in number died because of leadership problems and partly because of the community split, I had no source whatsoever for my spiritual nourishment and yet I was still busy serving in Gawad Kalinga… which eventually gave me a spiritual burn-out and led me back into sin. That year, I was also worrying about my off-tracked career path.

In 2009, God was pruning me once again. This time, in my relationship. When I’ve had something I’ve always wanted, I wanted to hold onto it so tight and not let go even though it was a toxic relationship. I didn’t know I was hurting myself more by holding on to it with tight-clasped fingers.

Through God’s Grace, 1) He led me to a Christian company that offered spiritual nourishment I needed during September 2007. 2) I could finally say that I have a good relationship with God and I know God more when I’ve finally finished reading the whole bible. 3) This group honed and trained me to become the photographer I am now. And with God’s help, I now have my own photography company. 4) God also appointed me to take care of his flocks in SFC Brookside Chapter. He gave me all these resources to use and share to other people and the time to serve my community in whatever way I can do in the best way I can. 5) Lastly, God gave me the grace to understand that happiness is not found in looking for your life partner. Happiness is found in accepting who you are and that even when everyone has already left you, God is still there standing beside you, loving you and waiting for you. Today, I am happy and contented, burning with passion to lead, and evangelize other people.

With God’s Grace, I am now Restored and Strengthened.


My Chaptermates:

Praisefest to start the Stronghold Conference

Talk 1 starts  – God of All Grace

Reflection time – what are your moments of grace?

Talk 2 – Battling Against Grace

Here are my chaptermates (L) and the SFC Docu Team (R)

Grace For the Moment Workshop

Before Session 3 starts, Bro. Alain Guerrero leads another rejuvenating Praisefest

Talk 3 – Jesus: Stronghold of Grace

At 5am, The service team are already busy preparing for the last day of conference.

Talk 4 – Graced

The Breakfast Household

Celebrating the Eucharist as part of the last talk

Rob prays over the Coordinators, Mission Volunteers, FTW’s and Chapter Heads/Leaders


Everbody singing and shouting “God of All Grace”….

Well, here are my chaptermates  (L) and Me, Allan and Pat (R)

  • Bhong Abastillas - July 27, 2011 - 12:02 am

    Great shots!..
    It was my first time to attend this MMC and it was really a great experience that made me realized God grace in my entire life that is full of hatred and sins. That despite of being far from God He continuously send me HIs Grace and love for me.

  • Dominic Barrios - July 27, 2011 - 12:06 am

    Thanks Bro! The conference really was an eye opener for everyone and I felt overflowing with grace just by listening to the talks and the testimonies…

  • Coach Rye - July 27, 2011 - 7:22 am

    Ah, yes, 2007 was a baaaaaaaaaad year indeed. I’m glad you were able to recover from it, Nick, unlike myself. 🙂 The longing for a community lingers though and I know, someday, I will find myself in one again.

    As for this: “happiness is not found in looking for your life partner. Happiness is found in accepting who you are…” I could not agree more. I too believe that happiness can only be found within ourselves because HE has made us self-sufficient. “You complete me” is the biggest lie there is because we are complete by ourselves… we just need to figure our the puzzle 😉

    Keep the faith!

  • Jeng Junio - July 27, 2011 - 8:50 pm

    too bad i missed this one…i’ve always find MMCs more intense than ILCs…the attack is more personal, more reflective in a way 🙂

  • Elena - August 11, 2011 - 5:29 pm

    I was so inspired just looking down to every shots. I am so blessed that I am part of this community. I hope you can visit our chapter and share how God works in your life. God bless bro.

  • Dominic Barrios - August 11, 2011 - 5:46 pm

    Hi Elena… Thanks… Yep, maybe someday..who knows 🙂

  • elena - August 13, 2011 - 2:44 pm

    Well… we will be inviting you =)

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