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Venue: Casa San Pablo

Meet Harmony and Roel. Both are based in Singapore but they got married here in the Philippines just recently.  Our engagement session at Casa San Pablo was a different kind of experience. It NEVER stopped raining. I had to make sure the couple still had beautiful pictures despite the rain.

But by God’s grace, everything was a success.

So here are some of the photos during that blissful day. Congratulations again Roel and Harmony. God bless your marriage.

Roel & Harmony-5RH3RH1RH7RH5Roel & Harmony-38Roel & Harmony-45RH11Roel & Harmony-84Roel & Harmony-100Roel & Harmony-91Roel & Harmony-6RH2Roel & Harmony-17Roel & Harmony-12Roel & Harmony-26RH8Roel & Harmony-40Roel & Harmony-31Roel & Harmony-34Roel & Harmony-104Roel & Harmony-94Roel & Harmony-4Roel & Harmony-58RH4Roel & Harmony-20RH6RH9RH12Roel & Harmony-56Roel & Harmony-77RH10Roel & Harmony-90Roel & Harmony-57Roel & Harmony-71Roel & Harmony-79Roel & Harmony-19

HMUA: Nybie Ng
Photo: Dominic Barrios

In just a few days, Pat will be walking down the aisle with Rachel. And we’re all very excited! Pat is one of my best buds in SFC and my (business) partner-in-crime. He was the first person I tapped and trained when I started my own business.  After all those years of mentoring and training in wedding photography, now I’m giving him tips for their wedding. Can’t believe it…(shaking my head..)

Looking forward to see who’s going to cry first… (*big grin*)

Pat and Rachel initially wanted to have an engagement session at Pico de Loro but we ended up in Sierra Madre Tanay. It wasn’t a bad decision anyway. It turned out really well even though I’ve shot so many prenups there. There’s always something new to shoot there.

Sharing with you the photos from their session. Enjoy!

Let me introduce to you our little light of hope… Everyone, meet “Lucille Hope”. She was supposed to be out by November 19 (+/- 2 weeks) but fortunately she came out earlier ( November 7 at 6:35am ).  After those 12 hours of labor, we finally got to meet her in person.

We are still very much excited and very happy parents now that she’s in our arms.

Looking forward to new blessings ahead…. Cheers to parenthood… and sleepless nights…