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HMUA: Herane Paniza
Photo by: Dominic Barrios
Venue: Enderun

Mallory is one of the most sought emcees for weddings here in Manila. I’ve worked with her several times when I was just starting with weddings. Wedding hosts, a lot of times, can make or break, your wedding reception program. Aside from keeping the crowds hyped and excited for the program or the party, wedding hosts usually have to do a lot of ad-libs to help us, photographers and videographers,  finish our same day edits for the couple. Much respect to all the great hosts in our wedding industry.

So when Mallory was looking for her prenup photographer, she messaged me at facebook to ask if I’m okay to shoot her and Shane. Since I was available, I said “Sure”. It was an honor to create beautiful memories for a great wedding host like Mal and just to be part of their life’s blessings. Once again, Congratulations Mal and Shane. God bless!

HMUA: Andrew Jardenil
Photo: Dominic Barrios

Mae and Izzy wanted a very simple prenup that has a touch of BOHO and a photo with their dogs. They wanted a shoot that fits their personality so they wanted it to be chill and relaxed. So my wife, Mitzi, helped out with their outfit while the couple, Izzy and Mae, looked for a venue for the shoot . Fortunately, they were able to find one just inside their village.  We had a very limited area to shoot at but we were able to maximize the venue to get our desired shots. Prenup shoots need not be really expensive especially if you’re running on a budget. Just get the right outfit, find a venue with interesting elements and we’ll do the rest. Stylists are a PLUS but if you already know what you want to wear and where to find it, that’s better.

On another note, Mae and Izzy are getting hitched really soon. Wooot! Congrats!

HMUA: Jesy Alto
Styling by: Aira Franco
Photo by: Dominic Barrios

Let me share the photos I took for my classmate, Cecil’s, engagement session. Honestly, I didn’t imagine how a taekwondo-black-belter-girl-turned-one-of-the-boys transformed to a dashing lady. Seriously, she could break your neck with a kick. So I already gave a warning to Adrian. lol. Anyway, Happy to be  this couple’s life’s blessings storyteller.