Bodgie proposes to Steph

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Venue: Bonifacio High Street

Last year, Bodgie, my college friend from DLSU told me that he was planning to propose to his girlfriend, Steph. To my excitement, I told him I’m willing to cover the proposal story just because I’m a “sweet moment” junkie… Steph doesn’t know me so it’s a perfect setup. I won’t be noticed at all. So Bodgie and I talked, texted and coordinated how everything’s gonna happen.

So he decided it was gonna happen at BHS at the grounds. So I went earlier to the place. Bodgie’s sisters talked to the guards to ask permission for the proposal site and everything was a go. Coming from The Spa, Bodgie and Steph went to the grounds and headed to the tubes so he can propose there.

Situation #1  “There was a red line” …. “Kids were playing around” … I was thinking to myself, hassle to… how would Bodgie pull this off?

Situation #2 Bodgie and Steph will need to find the right tube that connects to each other… :) Part of Bodgie’s plan…

Situation #3 Bodgie finds it and proposes, “Will you marry me?” … Steph couldn’t believe what she was hearing…

Situation #4 The couple approaches each other…

Situation #5 Steph pinches Bodgie’s nose … while a roaming guard sees the couple who crossed the red line and alerts the other guards..

Situation #6  Bodgie and Steph doesn’t notice the guard behind them…but the guard finally notices that there was something “special” going on when Bodgie knelt down..

Situation #7  Bodgie brings out the “ring”… Steph breaking in tears and kisses Bodgie ..

Situation #8 Steph still couldn’t believe what she was seeing…

Situation #9 Probably one of my favorite moments that time, they looked at each other, moved in closer, and gave each other a tight hug…

Situation #10 Bodgie placed the ring on Steph’s finger…

Situation #11 Foreheads together, then “KISS”….Sweet!

Situation #12  Stayed for awhile and wanted to catch more of what will happen next… Both hugged each other once again, and on the last frame, Bodgie looks over at the camera and gives me a smile of “SUCCESS”…

PS. Steph didn’t see the pictures of  The Proposal not until their wedding day last December :) Hooorahhh!

Congrats Bodgie and Steph!

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  1. wow….so sweet. nick, kaw magcover ng church wedding nmin ha.

  2. kelan na? :)

  3. Dear Mr. Dominic Barrios,

    The photos here are so nice. Very natural.
    I know these two because I have worked in the same company before but I never saw this side of them. And its really touching. :)

  4. Hi Emily, thanks… I didn’t know that side of Bodgie as well.. But it was really nice to see and witness that on the day of the proposal :)

  5. Nice one Doms, this is sooo sweet! The pics made me teary eyed haha :D

  6. tita belly, i knoooww riiiigghttt…. so much going on… talagang umuwi ako ng nakasmile while driving…

  7. Ann Marie Aldea says:

    Hi, just dropping by to say I admire your work :) These shots made me cry and very emotional, nice work! :)

  8. Hi Ann… thank you very much! Thanks for visiting my site and I’m glad you felt the emotions through these pictures… God Bless!

  9. Lynnette says:

    Awww… It seems like kinilig talaga ang photographer dito during the kissing part…. :D haha.. blur yung shot eh :P haha.. peace!

    Nice one :) The way you describe each moment makes me feel that I’m also there watching them. Galing :)

  10. Judith F says:

    So sweet :)I love it!!

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